Mowhawk SmartStrand

Mohawk® SmartStrand® — beauty for real life

Federal Carpet and Flooring is home for a variety of flooring options that fit our customers’ wide ranges of lifestyles, tastes and budgets. There is one thing that all of our customers have in common and that is the desire for durable flooring that looks great and last for years.

One brand that meets these needs is Mohawk, with its new, innovative SmartStrand technology. Featured in Better Homes and Garden’s“Innovation Issue,” SmartStrand was rated #1 in customer satisfaction in a nationwide survey.

SmartStrand has stain and soil resistance built into the fibers, not sprayed on like many other stain-fighting carpets. Protective coating can wear away in time, but SmartStrand’s ability to fight everyday grime and spills never diminishes.

It is specially designed to resist the worst stains such as coffee, red wine and pet urine. Spills are easily lifted with detergent and water, so you don’t need to waste time scrubbing. Even better, with the protection built right in, you don’t have to worry that your scrubbing will leave the carpet more susceptible to future stains. Mohawk is so confident in this ability that every new SmartStrand carpet comes with a lifetime warranty against soil and staining.

SmartStrand doesn’t just keep unwanted color out, it locks in the color you love. Whether you choose texture, loop or frieze, your carpet maintains its beauty because it resists fading from the sun and the environment.  This means that the color you choose is the color you get year after year.

SmartStrand is also good for the environment because it’s made partly from renewable resources and consumes less energy than a similar amount of nylon to produce. This new innovation in carpeting is good for the earth, good for the beauty of your home and good for your life. It is easy to see why so many customers are satisfied with SmartStrand.

Please come into our store or give us a call to find out about our in-stock selection of Mohawk carpets or our other durable and stain-fighting options.