Federal Carpet is Proud to Offer Shaw Floors

At Federal Carpet and Flooring, we are committed to catering to our customer’s diverse styles and budgets. We are proud to offer Shaw Floors ®, a brand that shares these goals with us, offering great options for many different personalities. These personality types are described on the “Discover Yourself in Shaw Floors” website (http://shawfloors.com/persona). Which of these characters sounds the most like you?

Are you a Penny-wise Styler? If you are always in search of the best deal, but aren’t willing to sacrifice your personal style, then you just may be. Finding the best prices allows you to stay current on the latest trends, so you can update your home as often as you update your wardrobe, picking out lush, updated shag carpet that goes perfectly with your newly back in style flare jeans. If you covet a classic style, unbeatable prices mean you can stick to your budget without sacrificing any detail like with the amazing river stone look and feel of Majestic Summit Laminate.

Socializers have busy schedules, but they don’t let that get in the way of making sure their homes are always looking great. The variety of flooring options from Shaw is suited to any activity, so you’re on top of your game whether hosting your weekly yoga group on new plush carpet or entertaining with a salsa dancing and dinner party that shows off your beautiful new hardwood.

If you are a Juggler, you know you can’t keep your eyes, or hands, on everything at once. So when grape juice spills on your new rug, you can breathe easy knowing that your Super Chic carpeting with Shaw’s patented stain and soil resistance has you covered. Durable and reliable flooring looks great and performs well, so you have one less thing to worry about.

A Refiner is always keeping an eye out for that perfect new accessory or finish that will tie her/his home together. Shaw Floors has the high quality and stylish carpeting, rugs, laminate and hardwood that makes a home feel luxurious and comfortable. The Tailored Luxury line will protect your beautiful walls during installation with SoftBac performance backing and resist stains and soil so your flooring always looks impeccable.

So if you want to embrace classic old-world style or to update your home with trendy new flooring, Shaw Floors can fulfill your desires so come in to see what’s on sale today.