Spring Cleaning for your Ceramic, Vinyl and Wood Floors

Tips for cleaning ceramic, vinyl and wood floors in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way

Regardless of what type of floor you are targeting during your spring cleaning, the first step is to remove solid dirt and debris. It is important not to skip straight to mopping, even if you feel like it could save you time on floors that are not very dirty, because this step will actually make the overall process shorter and easier. Adding water to dirty floors can create and spread mud, which necessitates extra scrubbing and frequent mop rinsing. Not only are large particles easier to remove when they are dry, but they can scratch your floor if they become stuck on a wet mop or cloth.

Whether you choose to use a cloth or a dry mop for this step, microfiber is your best option. This material attracts and locks in dirt, unlike a sponge or broom. If you prefer to use a vacuum and are cleaning wood floors, make sure that the beater bar is not down, because it can create scratches.

The wet phase of floor cleaning varies depending on floor type.

Ceramic Tile and Vinyl

It is easy, inexpensive and earth-friendly to get your ceramic and vinyl floors sparkly clean, because you don’t need to buy specialty products or use harsh chemicals. The experts at Martha Stewart online and HGTV.com both agree that all you really need to finish the job is warm water. If you want to alternate a deeper clean with your regular mopping, you can use vinyl cleaner diluted in water for vinyl flooring or diluted mild dish soap for ceramic.

If you do decide to use a cleaning product, be sure to wash it off with clean water afterwards to protect the floor and prevent buildup of irritating fumes. Thoroughly removing cleaners also ensures that you won’t be left with floors that are dangerously slippery or so sticky that they quickly become dirty again.

Microfiber cloths give you the most scrubbing power and control, which can speed up the process, but mops are definitely better for your back and knees. If you choose to use a mop, be sure to use a microfiber head and not a sponge, which can push grime directly into the grout.

If the microfiber cloth doesn’t sufficiently clean the grout, try a scrubbing brush before resorting to harsh chemicals like bleach. If the grout still appears stained after a thorough scrubbing, try using a folded piece of sandpaper or a pencil eraser to buff away the top layer. It is best not to use scouring agents or steel wool on your ceramic.

Wood Floors

Warm water is also the choice of many professionals for cleaning wood floors, provided that they are properly sealed. If your floor is not properly sealed or if there are patches where the seal has rubbed or been scratched away, do not use water because it could seep in and cause warping or other damage. If you are unsure how your floor has been treated, purchase a cleaner specific to the type of wood floor you have. Most brands offer a floor cleaner designed for the types of flooring they offer, which is always a safe bet.

If you have determined that your floor is well sealed, use a damp (not wet) microfiber cloth and rub with the grain of the wood. It is easier to ensure that you are not using too much water with a cloth than with a mop.

Mowhawk SmartStrand

Mohawk® SmartStrand® — beauty for real life

Federal Carpet and Flooring is home for a variety of flooring options that fit our customers’ wide ranges of lifestyles, tastes and budgets. There is one thing that all of our customers have in common and that is the desire for durable flooring that looks great and last for years.

One brand that meets these needs is Mohawk, with its new, innovative SmartStrand technology. Featured in Better Homes and Garden’s“Innovation Issue,” SmartStrand was rated #1 in customer satisfaction in a nationwide survey.

SmartStrand has stain and soil resistance built into the fibers, not sprayed on like many other stain-fighting carpets. Protective coating can wear away in time, but SmartStrand’s ability to fight everyday grime and spills never diminishes.

It is specially designed to resist the worst stains such as coffee, red wine and pet urine. Spills are easily lifted with detergent and water, so you don’t need to waste time scrubbing. Even better, with the protection built right in, you don’t have to worry that your scrubbing will leave the carpet more susceptible to future stains. Mohawk is so confident in this ability that every new SmartStrand carpet comes with a lifetime warranty against soil and staining.

SmartStrand doesn’t just keep unwanted color out, it locks in the color you love. Whether you choose texture, loop or frieze, your carpet maintains its beauty because it resists fading from the sun and the environment.  This means that the color you choose is the color you get year after year.

SmartStrand is also good for the environment because it’s made partly from renewable resources and consumes less energy than a similar amount of nylon to produce. This new innovation in carpeting is good for the earth, good for the beauty of your home and good for your life. It is easy to see why so many customers are satisfied with SmartStrand.

Please come into our store or give us a call to find out about our in-stock selection of Mohawk carpets or our other durable and stain-fighting options.

Federal Carpet is Proud to Offer Shaw Floors

At Federal Carpet and Flooring, we are committed to catering to our customer’s diverse styles and budgets. We are proud to offer Shaw Floors ®, a brand that shares these goals with us, offering great options for many different personalities. These personality types are described on the “Discover Yourself in Shaw Floors” website (http://shawfloors.com/persona). Which of these characters sounds the most like you?

Are you a Penny-wise Styler? If you are always in search of the best deal, but aren’t willing to sacrifice your personal style, then you just may be. Finding the best prices allows you to stay current on the latest trends, so you can update your home as often as you update your wardrobe, picking out lush, updated shag carpet that goes perfectly with your newly back in style flare jeans. If you covet a classic style, unbeatable prices mean you can stick to your budget without sacrificing any detail like with the amazing river stone look and feel of Majestic Summit Laminate.

Socializers have busy schedules, but they don’t let that get in the way of making sure their homes are always looking great. The variety of flooring options from Shaw is suited to any activity, so you’re on top of your game whether hosting your weekly yoga group on new plush carpet or entertaining with a salsa dancing and dinner party that shows off your beautiful new hardwood.

If you are a Juggler, you know you can’t keep your eyes, or hands, on everything at once. So when grape juice spills on your new rug, you can breathe easy knowing that your Super Chic carpeting with Shaw’s patented stain and soil resistance has you covered. Durable and reliable flooring looks great and performs well, so you have one less thing to worry about.

A Refiner is always keeping an eye out for that perfect new accessory or finish that will tie her/his home together. Shaw Floors has the high quality and stylish carpeting, rugs, laminate and hardwood that makes a home feel luxurious and comfortable. The Tailored Luxury line will protect your beautiful walls during installation with SoftBac performance backing and resist stains and soil so your flooring always looks impeccable.

So if you want to embrace classic old-world style or to update your home with trendy new flooring, Shaw Floors can fulfill your desires so come in to see what’s on sale today.

Flooring Trends Will Be Revealed in Vegas

Did you know that the largest flooring tradeshow in the country begins on January 28! Surfaces, held each year in Las Vegas, is a great opportunity to learn about new home-remodeling trends, discover new products, and attend classes and seminars that can’t be found anywhere else.

One of the trends to check out is the growing use of metallic ingredients in flooring. Manufacturers are using a combination of metals and creating textures that are both rustic and luxurious. Hardwood flooring, meanwhile, is also changing. Trend forecasters predict blonder tones mixed in with warmer and darker wood grains. They say we should expect to see blonde wood motif inlays and veneers as well as patterned laminates. Another trend in wood flooring is to make the wood appear coarse and rugged, almost bark-like.

A number of vendors that we carry, such as Armstrong®, Congoleum®, Mannington® and Mohawk® are scheduled to exhibit and as s far as classes go, there are a number to choose from. One class teaches how one can end moisture-related flooring problems. Another focuses on design and color trends to look for in 2013-2014, and still another is called “From Farm to Floor: Wool Carpet Education for Designers.” Remember, Emerald was named Pantone®’s color of 2013. Try to incorporate that shade into your home this year.

This information definitely won’t stay in Vegas and as we learn new tricks of the trade, Federal Carpet and Flooring will pass that knowledge on to you.

Armstrong Partners with Homes For Our Troops (HFOT)

Did you know that Armstrong® recently publicized a partnership with the non-profit organization Homes for Our Troops (HFOT). HFOT is a remarkable group that builds modified homes for injured veterans. It makes us proud to see the vendors that we carry work to make a difference in America. To read more, here is a link to an article from the Woodworking Network.

Winter’s at the Threshold.

Is the threat of winter weather making you worried about installing a new carpet? We have you covered…literally. Check our selection of STAINMASTER ® carpet that you can take home today for as little as $1.99 sq/ft. That’s a dollar a sq/ft. less than our competitors are offering. Stop and see us today.

Exciting Partnerships, Beautiful Options

Federal carpet has been a proud carrier of Shaw Flooring products and we are excited to share that Shaw produces a number of products based on partnerships with networks and furniture stores. Two recent developments Shaw delivered were with HGTV home flooring and Tommy Bahama Rugs.

The HGTV home collection features a vibrant new flooring collection of carpets, area rugs, hardwood and laminates. All flooring options are expertly picked by HGTV designers to spark your imagination so you can bring something new and colorful into your home.

The Tommy Bahamas Rug Collection is your go-to brand when you want to add coastal influences to your home through the use of timeless area rugs. Choose from modern designs to classic rugs that add a touch of relaxed sophistication to any space.

So if you’re looking for new way to spice up your home, come down to Federal Carpet and find the right flooring option for you. Our inventory is always changing. Come see what we have in store today.

All the World is a Floor

We’re looking to cover your floor with a variety of carpets, rugs, and hardwood. With a huge selection, you can style your space with designs from across the globe.