Federal Carpet has the largest in-stock inventory of carpeting in the Lowell area. Carpeting is the most cost-effective way to cover your floors, whether it’s a small bedroom or your entire house. From Berber and cut pile to textured and frieze, we’ll help you find the perfect carpeting to fit your taste and, most importantly, your budget.
Our Carpet Styles Include:
Berber – Berber carpets are popular because of their rugged look, durability and cost. With its weave of tight yarn loops, Berber carpet can easily be cleaned.
Commercial – Commercial carpet usually makes use of sturdy synthetic fibers that resist staining, tend to not crush with frequent foot traffic and repel dirt. It’s very simple to maintain the carpet quality with nothing more than routine vacuuming.
Frieze – Frieze carpets have a short, durable, twisted pile fiber that is great for high-traffic, busy areas and used primarily for commercial spaces.
Saxony – A dense cut pile usually made of plied and heat-set yarns, giving each tuft end a distinguished appearance, which results in a smooth, velvety look.
Textured – A popular cut pile carpet with alternating crimp, loops or other modifications of yarn that results in a two-tone appearance. Textured yarns have increased cover, resiliency, abrasion resistance and insulation.
Velvet / Plush – This carpet is a high-quality, higher-priced flooring option. The cut pile carpet is very dense and soft to the touch, offering an elegant look and feel.
Our installers are able to move all of your furniture and dispose of your old carpet, whether from one room or your entire house. Your only job is to choose the carpet you love.